Tallinn – beyond the old town

Happy weekend everyone! Lock down restrictions have started being lifted here in the UK, although foreign travel still seems at long way away. Hopefully in the summer we might be able to go away within England, and until then I’ll continue recapping on past trips from my sofa.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is an incredible city. Of course the old town is the main attraction – if you’re visiting on a day trip this is definitely the area to focus on. You can find my blog post on it here. You can easily spend 2 days in the old town, but Tallinn as a city really does warrant a bit more time if you can give it.

Exploring beyond the old town is rewarding for anyone who can – from beautiful palaces, to pristine beaches, to Cold War prisons and maritime museums. Here are a few of the best things on offer.

1. Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace was founded by Russian Tsar Peter I in 1718 and was named after his wife, Catherine I. The Baroque palace is in a beautiful park setting, surrounded by fountains and flowers and trees, as well as a nice area of woodland with some lovely trails. The palace was actually modelled on Versailles, and is now home to an Art Museum – home to Russian art from the 16th to 20th centuries.

At Kadriorg Palace
Palace Gardens

2. Russalka

From Kadriorg, you can walk through the woodland to reach The Russalka Memorial and beach. The memorial is a bronze monument in memory of the sinking of the Russian warship Rusalka (Mermaid), which sank en route to Finland in 1893.

Just behind the Memorial is a beautiful beach, which even on a scorching hot day we found to be deserted. We spent a couple of hours here just reading our books and relaxing looking out to the sea.

Russalka Beach

3. Seaplane Harbour

The Seaplane Harbour is part of the Estonian Maritime Museum and is the site that houses a number of cool ships, including a submarine, an old sunken ship, naval mines and other various ships that you can board and explore. Also inside the seaplane hangars are some local craft stalls which sell everything from Christmas decorations to clothes – the perfect spot for a souvenir.

4. Telliskivi Creative City (Kalamaja)

Kalamaja is definitely the cool part of Tallinn. Telliskivi Creative City, located in a former industrial complex within the Kalamaja district, consists of studios, creative companies, and lots of unique restaurants and bars.

There is also a flea market every Saturday which is nice to wonder through, and if you want to experience Tallinn night life, this is definitely the area to be. My personal favourite part was La Muu – an eco icecream shop.

5. Patarei Prison

This prison is spooky and eery and just one of those places that gives you the chills. Initially built as a sea fortress, the site was then used to house prisoners during the communist era – and is now a memorial to the victims of communism and fascism. It is now a meaningful symbol of resistance on the part of the people of Estonia. 

The exhibition is called ‘Communism is a prison’ and you can see the original interior and prison yard. The prison is totally derelict and a stark reminder of the world’s too often horrific history.

Thanks for reading! I hope this post has inspired you to visit Tallinn or spend a few more days there if you were only planning a day trip. Happy travelling (when we’re all allowed to again of course), and for now stay safe.


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