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Europe – home to history, fairy tale castles, beautiful landscapes, ancient buildings and interesting cities, as well as the occasional beautiful beach! There are 44 countries in Europe and no other continent gives you the ease of exploring so many countries in a (relatively) small area. My home, and most extensively travelled region of the world.

This section of the blog focuses on Western & Northern Europe, an area which has been shaped by the rise of the Roman Empire, adoption of Christianity, the reign of Charlemagne, Viking invasions, multiple revolutions, 2 World Wars and most recently the formation of the European Union.

If you want to learn more, please use the links in the drop down menu to pick a country and then use the blog posts related to each country to find some travel inspiration! You may need to scroll down to find all the posts as some countries (e.g. Germany and Italy) have multiple location posts. Happy exploring!