1 (rainy) day in Bruges

We visited Bruges on the Eurostar in February; unfortunately it was absolutely pouring it down. On the plus side it meant there was no-one else there; I think we saw about 5 other people for the whole day which is apparently unheard of in this very popular destination.

If you are visiting at a more peak time, my advice would be to get there early or spend a night. This is because a lot of people come on day trips and arrive from about 10am-11am on the train. Those couple of hours first thing could make all the difference to you seeing the main sites in peace.

Our visit only just scratched the surface, but we had fun exploring the architecture, canals and beer. Our highlights of the day were:

ONE. The Markt

The most famous area in Bruges! As it was raining we went in to Historium just off the Markt to learn about its history. We were the only people in there so did the interactive tour just the two of us. It was actually quite good and well worth a visit, especially if you have kids with you. We also visited the torture museum just down the road, which although a bit gruesome was very interesting.

The famous view of The Markt

TWO. The Burg

This area was already inhabited in the 2nd century AD, and in the 9th century it became the base of operations of the Count of Flanders. The Palace of the Liberty of Bruges was the place from which the surrounding countryside was governed from the Late Middle Ages until 1795. Then the buildings were occupied by law courts for nearly 200 years. You will also find the Basilica of the Holy Blood, where the relic of the Holy Blood is kept. I mainly just liked it for the buildings!

The Burg in the rain

THREE. Exploring the canals

There are lots of pretty canals in Bruges and it’s nice just to explore them. Minnewater was lovely to walk around, and then we also headed to the Bonifacius Bridge and along the main stretch of canal. It was all very picturesque. The beer is also great so sitting with a view out to the canals with a beer in hand was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon!

The main stretch of canal
Bonifacius Bridge

I’d definitely like to go back to Bruges one day for a bit longer to explore more, and preferably with better weather as it really is a lovely city.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’re planning to visit Bruges, have any questions, or what you thought of Bruges yourself in the comments below.

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