About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah

Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for visiting my small piece of the internet.

I started this blog because I love travel, and I thought it was about time to get some of my adventures down on paper and share them with you.

My aim is to document my travels and hope they can inspire you to take some trips too, no matter how local or how far away – all adventures are good adventures!

About Me

I’m a 30-something, married, redhead who loves nothing more than exploring the world on trips with either my husband, my parents or my best friends. I’m childless not by choice and you can read about my infertility journey here.

I work full time in Finance, in a senior role at a global company. When I’m at work I dream of travel, and when I’m travelling I’m inevitably thinking about work.

I also like wine. And Prosecco. And hot baths. And cake. And koalas. And Pringles.

Travel Facts

I’ve visited 35 countries so far, although COVID halted me in my tracks. That said, I’ve really enjoyed discovering more of England, and my home county of Cambridgeshire.

Some of my best travel memories include:

Some of my worst travel experiences include:

  • Being pooed on in an airport (yup, that really happened)
  • Having allergic reactions to nuts everywhere from Germany to Indonesia
  • Constant travel sickness and sun burn (the perils of being a red head!)
  • Going in to kidney failure in Egypt and having to spend days in an Egyptian hospital until I got an emergency flight home. Thankfully I’m alive to tell the tale.