7 things to do in Soufriere, St Lucia

St Lucia is an island paradise, and my first trip to the Caribbean. I chose St Lucia because it was a direct flight from the UK, taking just over 7 hours. I’d been really unwell and felt I needed a break to just stop and relax, and get some sunshine. It worked.

I chose to stay on the quieter side of the island, which meant a 2 hour drive from the airport. The roads are windy and I had to get my cab driver to pull over 4 times for me to be sick! He couldn’t have been nicer about it, was so considerate, and was actually a representation of everyone I met there. The people are so welcoming, so happy, so kind. The island itself is stunning, and I can’t wait to get back to the Caribbean again soon.

It’s also worth noting that whilst St Lucia uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, US Dollars are actually more widely accepted. Tipping is also the norm, especially if you go on any day trips/tours. We spent the majority of our time on the island in and around Soufriere – a laid back town which was once the country’s capital. We found there to be plenty to do there.

1. Sulphur Springs

Just outside of Soufriere (the ex capital city of St Lucia) is Sulphur Springs. This is a ‘drive in’ volcano. You can go in to the crater of the volcano, then bathe in the sulphur water which is meant to have healing properties, give you soft skin and even lower your blood pressure. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, but it was a fun day trip never the less. It was also good as I had the whole baths to myself. There’s also a little museum near the crater of the mountain and no-one was there either!

At the crater of the volcano

2. Toraille Waterfall

Not far from the Sulphur Springs lies Toraille Waterfall, the perfect place for a dip after being caked in sulphur. Yet again, I had it completely to myself and was able to enjoy swimming in the waterfall with only a few birds for company.

3. The Pitons (Tet Paul Nature Trail)

There are two Pitons (large mountains) in St Lucia – big and small – and both are volcanic mountains. You can climb the Gros Piton, but it’s a 6 hour hike in baking heat up 2,500 feet, so I decided to walk the gentler Tet Paul trail, which still provides stunning views out over the Pitons.

Tet Paul Nature Trail

4. Hit the beach

St Lucia is known for its beautiful beaches, and those in the Soufriere area are no exception. You can’t really go wrong, whether you pick Anse Mamin or Anse Chastanet – or my personal favourite, Sugar Beach – complete with beautiful Piton views.

View of The Piton from Sugar Beach

5. Relax in a spa

Part of the reason for coming to St Lucia is to relax in the spa, so treat yourself and either book a spa day, or book a hotel with a private pool and its own spa. It’s good sometimes to just stop on holiday and recharge.

6. Enjoy a boat ride

There are plenty of companies which run boat tours from the various beaches around Soufriere. It’s a great way to spot dolphins, enjoy a sunset dinner, or just see the Pitons from a different perspective. We enjoyed a dolphin sight seeing tour, but didn’t see any dolphins! The views were nice though.

Aboard the boat

7. Soufriere Town

Soufriere town isn’t huge but is nice to wonder around – exploring the markets, streets, people and food. There’s also a lovely little church and our highlight was buying coconuts off the back of a lorry, watching the driver cut them with a machete, getting a straw from a bar and then drinking from them. Perfect Caribbean paradise!

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this post useful. Have you ever been to St Lucia? Do you have recommendations for other Caribbean Islands? Let me know in the comments below – stay safe and happy travelling.


    1. Oh amazing – we loved St Lucia it’s an amazing country a world away from the UK – the sun and the beaches were just epic. Wow, really? There was literally noone else there when we went – got to swim in it all by ourselves which was amazing. We also had the actual sulphur bath to ourselves as well – must just have been super lucky!

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