6 of Rutland’s Prettiest villages

There’s nothing quite like a quintessentially English village. Requirements are a village green, village church, village hall, a few thatched cottages, a manor house, a phone box and probably a pub. There is something cosy, warming, homely about these beautiful places. And nowadays they get harder and harder to find as cities and towns expand and new housing developments pop up everywhere.

But without a doubt, Rutland is home to many stunning villages. Rutland is England’s smallest county, and it’s largely untouched. The roads are mainly narrow and windy, and connect one beautiful village to another. It really does feel like England of old, and it’s absolutely idyllic. You can read my guide to visiting Rutland here, but if it’s villages that you like – here are 6 of my absolute favourites.

1. Exton

Picture perfect Exton is the most famous village in Rutland, because everywhere you turn is a beautiful cottage. My favourite parts are ‘The Nook’, a wonderful cottage, Pudding Bag Lane and Blacksmith’s Lane. Also nearby are the lovely Barnsdale Gardens, as well as Rutland Water if you want to make a day of it.

2. Egleton

Off the beaten track, but absolutely no less beautiful is Egleton. This charming little village is home to less than 100 people, and everyone seems to maintain their houses so that they always look beautiful. The village church is also a stunner.

3. Wing

Topping the list for best named village, Wing is home to a turf maze and a good pub called The King’s Arms. It has less thatched cottages than some of the other villages, but the stone buildings look beautiful in the sunshine.

4. Hambleton

My personal favourite, Hambleton is full of character. There used to be three Hambletons (Upper, Middle and Nether), but the latter two were submerged under water to make way for Rutland Water. Upper Hambleton became Hambleton, and thank goodness one survived. Still home to a beautiful old post office and telegraph station, as well as another good pub and my favourite cottage in the whole of Rutland, it’s an absolute must visit.

Fairytale cottages in Hambleton

5. Empingham

Slightly bigger than the previous 4 entries, and only slightly less quaint is Empingham. It still makes the list as it has plenty of little streets off the main road which look postcard perfect, and obviously has some beautiful thatched cottages to enjoy.

6. North Luffenham

North Luffenham was a delightful surprise. Again there is a nice pub called The Fox which has a little outdoor area for drinks, an absolutely epic manor house and cottages galore. My favourite part though was the church – lying in the beautiful hills of the English countryside, it really felt like you’d been transported back in time. Also in the cemetery is a section for the RAF’s Commonwealth War Graves which were all beautifully tended and cared for.

So, what do you think? Would you like to do a tour of some of Rutland’s prettiest villages? Would you want to live in the rolling English countryside? If you enjoyed this post, then you may also like:

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and happy travelling.


  1. Britain certainly is home to some of the most charming, heart-melting villages in the world. With quaint pubs, idyllic stone cottages, and fantastic country walks, these evoke the romance of a time gone by, providing the perfect backdrop for a relaxing rural escape. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva


      1. I think a mix of all of them. I also think that in the new housing developments they have to build lots of new houses quickly and cheaply – and cottages are neither of those things to build. So less and less get maintained and looked after, and no new ones are built. It’s sad really and I hope we continue to protect the ones we have 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like Rutland has captured your heart, especially after seeing so many posts of it on your blog and IG! Exton is postcard-perfect, and if there’s one place I’d like to check out in the region, it would be there! Thanks for sharing your love for Rutland once more, Han!


  3. How could you possibly chose a favourite, they all look so cute and as you said quintessentially English. Great pictures, you make me want to visit them all 🙂 Maggie


  4. Great selection; there is indeed something like time travel, it is as we imagine the English countryside before the industrial age. It takes a lot of passion for the inhabitants to maintain their houses and gardens so perfectly. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I live in Exton. Thank you for shining a light on our beautiful village, though please a reminder to everyone to visit with respect and not leave litter. It’s great for people to visit Rutland and enjoy this beautiful place but we are finding huge increases in litter which I’d hugely appreciate if you could add to your post. I’m also hugely grateful you didn’t pose in a dress outside my front window; it’s always a little startling!


    1. Thank you so much for commenting – and of course you are completely right, we must all remember that people live in these villages and be respectful when visiting; including leaving no litter. Your comment about the dress at the window made me laugh out loud when I read it – you will never find me doing that or posing anywhere! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I hope you can enjoy the summer without TOO many visitors to your wonderful home 🙂


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