Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen

Normally when I review hotels, my reviews are quite factual. They talk about what the hotel looks like, what its food is like and the experiences it offers. Very rarely do I talk about what a hotel feels like. But this hotel is different. There is a word in Danish – Hygge – it has no literal translation in English, but loosely means creating a warm atmosphere and feeling cosy. Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen embodies hygge, it made me feel hygge. It’s a special place, and it will forever have a little place of hygge in my heart. So why did I love it so much?

The Rooms

We stayed in a junior suite, in the depths of winter (February 2022) when cosy nights and warmth were a priority. The room was absolutely beautiful, but it was the finishing touches that made it feel special. The bath was completely luxurious, the shower huge, but the little package with face masks and pamper kits really elevated it. So when I got back from a day of sightseeing, I could put a face mask on, get in to the bath with a glass of wine, read my book and then moisturise to feel all lovely and rested before bed. Perfect.

The lounge area was big, with a comfy sofa and a nice big table and chairs, and the working fireplace was a beautiful final touch. You can call reception to come and light it any time, and then have a drink in front of it – the ultimate cosy touch on a cold winter’s night.

In the lounge area

The mini bar was great, really well stocked with everything from complimentary water to nice bottles of wine, or a selection of soft drinks, and there was even a personal whiskey and gin selection, complete with lime if you wanted to make a night out of it. You can even buy any item of furniture you can see in the rooms, so if you particularly liked a chair or a bed – you can take it home with you (well, have it shipped, I doubt a four-poster would fit in the overhead lockers!)

I honestly couldn’t fault the room, it was worth every penny. It felt like a home away from home and a beautiful place to completely rest and switch off.

The Architecture and location

Just wow. The hotel looks like something out of a film – and definitely not typically Danish. Located in the centre of the world famous Tivoli Gardens, the hotel was built in the 1900s inspired by Moorish styles. The hotel is also covered in lights, making it look completely fairytale like in the evening and at night.

Beautiful Nimb in the day
And at night

Whilst I visited in winter meaning Tivoli Gardens were closed, normally the hotel price includes free tickets to the amusement park with it’s wonderful wooden rollercoasters and traditional fairground attractions. To have a fairground on your doorstep really is a unique feature of any hotel.

Tivoli Gardens (courtesy of Visit Copenhagen)

The restaurants and bars

As we visited in the winter the rooftop bar wasn’t open – but it really didn’t matter. The main bar is a beautiful space, with lots of comfy couches, a luxurious bar area, a grand piano and a huge fireplace. The bar serves afternoon tea and drinks all day, and its fairytale themed cocktail menu was really something special. Sitting by the fire with a wonderful cocktail chatting to my husband was just such a perfect way to spend the evening.

In Nimb Bar
Incredible cocktails

We also really rated the in-house restaurant, Nimb Brasserie, eating all of our breakfasts there and one dinner. The breakfasts were incredible – a well stocked buffet (including champagne, don’t mind if I do!) of yoghurts, pastries, meats, juices and fruit was a great selection in itself, but there was also a menu which served everything from avocado open sandwiches to perfect poached eggs and porridge. The dinner we ate was also brilliant, with the steak cooked to perfection and the gnocchi also so tasty. All round deliciousness.

The Spa

Another elevating factor of this hotel is its spa, which is just an incredible space. Not only can you book individual treatments, but also packages to really unwind. I went for a package which included 30 minutes in a traditional hammam, a 90 minute full body massage and then refreshments in the relaxation lounge. The whole experience was heavenly and again such a wonderful way to switch off and completely relax, especially as it was snowing outside.

Lovely massage room

The Staff

The staff at Nimb are absolutely wonderful. I met Maria, the hotel Director, by chance at reception and we went outside together and she kindly took a photo of me in front of the hotel. She took such an interest in why we had come to stay (I’ve written a lot about my issues of 2021 and won’t bore you all with the details again, but this was a ‘present to myself’ kind of stay), and she was so kind. She was clearly so passionate about the hotel and what it could do for guests and it felt like the hotel and its guests really mattered to her.

Thank you to Maria for the shot

The reception staff were also wonderful, with Frederik taking the time to text me when our room was ready so we didn’t have to wait around, and our bags already being in the room waiting for us when it was. We loved the breakfast staff (shout out to the lady originally from The Philippines who ripped her trousers jumping over a hedge trying to find the bench from Notting Hill, only to discover the film isn’t real and the bench doesn’t really exist!), and the bar staff (thank you to the lovely lady who gave us free tea when I wasn’t feeling very well).

The setting for breakfast

My only very small criticism was that when we went for dinner I left my bag under the table. When I came back to get it, the money had gone from the bag. Now, it wasn’t a lot of money, only around Β£30 and I also couldn’t say if it was a hotel guest, staff, or member of the public that took it – or even for sure that I didn’t lose it somewhere in the hour between paying for cocktails at the bar and heading down to the restaurant for dinner. But either way, it was the only one non-hygge experience of our stay.

This hotel is special. It’s a destination in and of itself. I could easily have spent all 4 of our days in Denmark in the hotel eating, drinking, resting and catching up on life. After a terrible 2021, it was the most perfect getaway, and I left with a feeling I’ve never had about a hotel before – that I really wanted to go back, to stay again for the experience of staying, the experience of feeling all hygge.

Thanks so much for reading – I hope my post does some justice to this wonderful place and I hope you might be inspired to pay Nimb a visit if you ever find yourself in Copenhagen. Thanks for reading, stay safe and happy travelling!


  1. Gosh, and I thought you were staying in a palace! Even though the Nimb Hotel looks very elegant, I agree with you that the rooms, at least, have a very hygge atmosphere. It must’ve cost a pretty penny for the stay, but this is an inspiration to me to save up and return to Copenhagen to stay here!


  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous! Great post 😊 I’ve been to Denmark once and have been dying to go back ever since!

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, it was definitely a special hotel. Like you, the moment I saw a box of luxury face masks, peels, and moisturiser – I was like, yuppppp this is perfect! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


  3. Wow, what a fantastic place to stay at. From its fairy-tale faΓ§ade and amusement park location to the impeccably styled interiors, and many dining options, Nimb Hotel in Copenhagen impresses on all fronts. I am glad to hear you had a great stay πŸ™‚ Aiva xx

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  4. What a marvelous hotel experience you’ve shared, Hannah ~ looks very comfortable & cozy – hygge – and the architecture is stunning! Have a great weekend, my friend 😊

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  5. Definitely a hygge experience! Mind, being able to buy the room could be dangerous, couldn’t it? There wasn’t anything there that wasn’t lovely!

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  6. I think I would like to stay in a hotel with a β€˜hygge’ atmosphere ☺️. I must admit, I was wondering why on earth you would like to go with a (face) mask to the bath … but then I realised it’s those pampering masks (and not the ones we are wearing these days)! A whiskey and gin selection … my word, we’ll find it hard to leave this room (well, maybe we would … to that bar with the incredible cocktails)!
    What an absolute beautiful hotel – that evening shot is stunning! This is such a wonderful treat to yourself … and thoroughly deserved!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha that made me laugh – a pampering face mask, not a COVID face mask (that would be awful in the bath!) πŸ™‚ We found the hotel virtually impossible to leave, it was just so so beautiful and well worth splashing on as a treat πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading Corna x

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