A review of the Grand Hotel Kempinski, Vilnius

I concluded writing about my Baltics road trip last year, and then realised I’d completely forgotten to write a review of one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at during the trip. So to right that wrong, I’m back in Vilnius again! Better later than never.

Anyone who follows this blog knows I’m quite partial to a nice hotel. The Grand Hotel Kempinski in Vilnius was no exception – in fact it was one of the highlights of my Baltic road trip. It was the perfect base from which to explore, and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone visiting the city.


Oh Kempinski, how perfect you are. Situated in central Vilnius, right on the main square, it couldn’t be more ideally located.

View from outside the hotel

You can walk to all the attractions, including the Old Town, Gediminas Hill and Cathedral without so much as breaking a sweat. Wonderful.


We opted to stay in a suite and wow was it beautiful. There was a large living area, topped up with fresh fruit every day and cakes on arrival. There were two bathrooms – one with a large shower in it, and the other with a glorious soaking tub. There was also a huge bed which was the most comfy I’ve ever had in a hotel, and it was finished off with post card perfect views from the room out across the square. 5 nights went by far too quickly.

Room with a view

Food & Drink

This is where the hotel starts to set itself apart. Firstly, breakfast was delicious and served in a big, airy and light room overlooking the square. I really loved the daily ‘breakfast shot’, like carrot and ginger or another healthy little start to the day. The food was super tasty, and I really enjoyed the Crepes Suzette which were delicious.

Breakfast spread

Now to the super special part. The hotel has its own wine bar, Atelier, where even if you’re not staying you could visit for wine tastings. They can tailor the tastings for everyone individually but it’s a great opportunity to sample wine from all across the world – local and far afield. The sommelier, Martynas, was AMAZING and so knowledgeable. We had the absolute BEST time tasting the Explorer’s Menu. Martynas was so committed to his work, and it was clear that being a sommelier was way more than a job to him, it was a part of him. He’s travelled the world learning and despite being a master sommelier who could work anywhere, he’s chosen to bring that knowledge back to his home country which I really admired.

What I also really liked is that there was a cocktail to start – and the hotel encourage the junior members of staff to try new ideas and combinations for this part of the menu. A very nervous young man came to present his cocktail to us and it was DELICIOUS. I love that the hotel encouraged him to try because the end result was tasty for us and probably confidence building for him. I liked that.

Finally, we also had a tasting menu in the restaurant Telegrafas, which again was just a bit mind bogglingly good. Everything from the beef to the fish was cooked perfectly, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Amenities & Experiences

Aside from the wine tasting and tasting menus, the hotel also offers a number of other amenities. It has a Gastrobar for laid back dining, a summer terrace for cocktails with an Old Town view, and a coffee station in reception – so there is plenty of choice.


There is also a wonderful spa, which we chose to use one evening for a swim and then some traditional massages. They really don’t muck about with massages in Eastern Europe, I could barely feel my muscles (in a good way) by the end!

The hotel also offers a private car, which was perfect for our airport arrival in the middle of the night, and has a good concierge service which provides maps, recommendations and can make bookings for guests.

I know sometimes people wonder if you ever get an authentic travel experience staying in luxury hotels. Of course I think that depends on your definition of authentic – but would a Holiday Inn equivalent have made my experience more authentic? No, of course not. But I do think you can easily fail to connect with people or a place if you hole up in a nice hotel.

That’s why I loved this one so much – to see Martynas’ talent and the investment in people being made by the team was just amazing. We loved talking to the people that worked there and hearing their stories, views of the Ukraine war and about their families. Of course, the hotel was amazing, but its people were what set it apart.

What do you think of the Grand Kempinski? Would you like to stay? Thanks so much for reading – stay safe and happy travelling as always!


  1. Grand, indeed! Wonderful structures and elevated views of Vilnius, deluxe accommodations and a wine bar, too. The food looks very good, and who could argue with a private car included! Thanks for sharing your travel experiences, Hannah πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh I agree – unfortunately for me I can never resist so I spend far too much money on hotels and forgo other things like buying clothes and eating out when at home! I save it all up for holidays, but I suppose that does make them extra special πŸ™‚


  2. Oh, we would definitely want to stay – as long as someone else was paying for it! My goodness, it is a stunning hotel. That flower covered entrance is absolutely gorgeous, and the food/drinks all look so delicious. I’m glad you remembered to post this, Hannah!

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  3. Damn! Wish I’d stayed at this hotel inside of the cheap hostel I was at when I was in Vilnius over three years ago (although to be fair, I had a blast at that hostel, haha). Everything looks so posh, and those Eggs benedict for breakfast look fire. I coincidentally wrote a hotel review this week from my Argentina trip last November and am inspired by your hotel reviews to do more!

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    1. Hehe, this hotel really was amazing so I’m glad I stayed there. I loved your hotel review (I’ve just read it) – I’m a big fan and should really sort out the categories on my blog to have them grouped together because I do write quite a few.

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  4. Oh, now I want to go to Vilnius to stay at this hotel ahah! It definitely seems like a super nice and luxury hotel but still a warm and welcoming one thanks to its people! Thanks for sharing your experience there!

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  5. I’ve always enjoyed staying somewhere where you can walk to many of the main attractions. It seems like your accommodations were centrally located and quite comfortable. You had me at the soaking tub. That wine bar sounds amazing and the food looks dynamite.

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  6. As a traveller I don’t just want to see a place, I want to feel it, even at the end of the day when I return to my lodgings. Hotel stays are not just about tightly tucked beds, mini-fridges and room service anymore; they are about memorable moments that complement and enhance the travel adventure. Some of my best travel memories come from the hotels I’ve had a chance to stay at. I see hotels as destinations in themselves, therefore I never regret splurging on one. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ™‚ Aiva xx

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    1. That’s a really nice way to put it Aiva, I agree that a hotel is part of the holiday experience – and actually can make or break a trip. I agree that some of my best memories are how I felt in the comfort of the hotel, so I agree they are worth a splurge from time to time πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading Aiva, have a good Sunday xx

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  7. This hotel certainly delivers on all fronts. I do love centrally located and within walking distance to all major attractions. In addition to that, their innovative approach to food and drinks experiences that they offer the guests is quite charming. It’s a wonderful way to bring clients and staff into closer contact and create a truly memorable experience. The soaking tub and the wine bar also won me over.

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    1. Thanks Leighton – I totally agree, and it was the food and drink that set it apart. It was an experience to stay here, not just a bed for the night – which I think adds something to a holiday. Thanks as always for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment πŸ™‚

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  8. I think travels are what you make them, regardless of where you stay. And I think you definitely have authentic travel experiences on top of nice accommodations! This hotel looks stupendous, from the front entrance to the myriad amenities and superb location (location is everything).

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    1. I totally agree, and I think a hotel can add to the experience of switching off, or resting – which is also super important as part of a break. Location is definitely everything, I totally agree with you!


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