Eastern Europe

15 things to do in Tallinn’s old town

Tallinn – the magical capital city of Estonia and perfect if you want to combine beautiful views, great food and charming buildings with learning about the country’s rich and complex history.

A Day in Kaunas, Lithuania

A day trip to the wonderful Lithuanian city of Kaunas – read on to find out about its castles, churches and beautiful old town. A perfect day out from the capital, Vilnius.

3 days in Budapest – An Itinerary

Budapest – a city of two halves, a city with a rich and complex history, and a city which stole my heart. Read on to discover a perfect itinerary for 3 days in this magical city.

A day on Suomenlinna Island, Finland

A day exploring a snowy Suomenlinna island in Finland – once a military fortress, now an amazing UNESCO world heritage site and the perfect place to learn more about Finland’s history as well as enjoy incredible views.

A Winter weekend in Helsinki

10 things to do during a winter weekend in Helsinki. From cathedrals and museums to flying cinemas and markets, this capital has a lot to offer in a short space of time.

24 hours in Gdansk

How to spend 24 hours on a whistle stop tour of the main sites in Gdansk – a historic city on the northern Baltic coast of Poland.

Tallinn – beyond the old town

If you have more than a weekend in Tallinn, then exploring beyond the charms of the old town is a must. There’s everything from beaches, to baroque palaces to Cold War prisons. Read on to find out more.

2 days in Prague

A weekend exploring Prague – from the famous bridge, to ancient castles, to historical museums and beautiful views. Read on to find out more about this 4th most visited city in Europe.

A day trip to Delphi

If you’re looking for something to do whilst in Athens, Delphi really is the perfect day trip – epic mountain views, ancient ruins and shopping in mountain towns. Read on to find out more.

15 Must See Sites in Athens

Advice on what to see in 3 days exploring Athens’ ancient monuments, great museums and amazing views in this historic capital city.